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Apple AC Wall Plug Adapters Used In Argentina Are Being Recalled

By | [email protected] | January 29, 2016 3:02pm

charging phoneApple AC wall plug adapters used in Argentina are being recalled due to electrical shock risk. Photo via

Attention all Apple users: you know those AC wall plug adapters that charge your beloved (and probably illicitly imported) MacBooks, iPhones and iPads?

Well, Apple issued a press release informing users that there has been a recall of AC wall plug adapters used in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, continental Europe, New Zealand and South Korea due to a potential risk of electrical shock.

Turns out the company detected 12 cases of AC wall plug adapters for Mac and specific iOS products, including Apple World Travel Adapter Kit, shipped between 2003 and 2015 which run the risk of breaking and creating an electrical shock if touched.

Apple is urging users to “stop using the affected plug adapters” because of the risk. And although the chance of you being electrocuted by your adapter is unlikely, better safe than sorry.

Plugs sold in the US, UK, Canada, China and Japan are fine, as are USB adapters.

For the sake of all Apple users here in Argentina, Apple provided us with an image of an “affected” and “redesigned” adapter. Here’s what you should know:

The inside slot of an affected adapter will have 0 characters, or 4-5 characters, whereas a redesigned adapter will have a three-letter regional code, in our case ARG.

Source: Apple®

Source: Apple®

Check out the photo below (3rd column) to see what an affected two-prong adapter looks like:
Source: Apple®

Source: Apple®

And well, because Apple isn’t officially in Argentina, you can’t exactly stroll to your nearest Apple store and go through the exchange process. But who knows, an Apple store might be in our future!