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Aperitivo Alla Italiana: A Palermo Eatery Just Made Your Wednesday

By | [email protected] | October 13, 2015 8:19pm


Palermo is full of so many great places to eat and drink that knowing where to start can be a challenge – this is especially true if you’re in the mood for something Italian.

Nestled on calle Bonpland, between Nicaragua and Costa Rica, I stumbled across a little piece of Italian paradiso  where the coffee keeps you buzzing well through into the evening but the onda is so chill that you don’t want to move until then either. It goes by the name of in Bocca al Lupo Caffè and as well as serving delicious food during the day, it hosts an irresistible “Aperitivo Italiano” wine evening every Wednesday.

The idea for the evening aims to reflect a typical Italian (Milanese, in particular) style gathering of wine and a carby-but-oh-so-delicious buffet on the café’s super cute terrace, which is reserved exclusively for the event. Rock up with your friends or on your own (you’ll get chatting there) from 6pm on Wednesday, pay 70$ for a glass of wine that is produced in Mendoza with Italian grapes and help yourself to Italian finger food.

This is the 5th week of copetín-style evenings that the café has hosted and it is going strong. The wines that take centre stage each Wednesday evening at the “Aperitivo Italiano” change weekly and tomorrow the café will be opening bottles of Fiano and Pecorino.

If that doesn’t tempt you enough, I got talking to the owner who let loose that the buffet would include pizzas, polenta with cheese, salads and papas a la alemana.

So, come to Bonpland 1965 from 6PM to 8PM tomorrow (and on following Wednesdays).

If you can’t make this time, fret not – it is a weekly occurrence, and if for some obscure reason you aren’t free on any Wednesday ever then I suggest you make your way to the in Bocca al Lupo during the day to at least try their iced-coffee.  I have finally found a place where I am not stared at in bewilderment by the waiter when I ask for ice in my coffee. It’s served in a chilled martini glass after being tossed about in an cocktail shaker with espresso ice cubes. It looks small (and alcoholic) but your first sip puts both those theories to rest. It’s like a meta version of espresso. As in they make an espresso, freeze it and then put it in your espresso for a deliciously magical and refreshing double hit of caffeine. Mind.Blown. Almost literally.

Or go there for lunch. Generally speaking, the menu prices are standard but the quality of the food (and coffee) is way above pastel colored board we’ve become accustomed to in Palermo.

The café’s Facebook page and the event both have additional information on the specific wines and the schedule for the evening. Take a look at the photos from the previous aperitivosdelizioso.

Please note that the Bubble is in no way receiving payment for this endorsement. All information being presented comes from a genuine love of carbs, wine, and respect for humanity (at least the humans who can get behind a good Parmigano-Reggiano).