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The Star Wars Run is Coming: May the 4th Be With You

By | [email protected] | May 4, 2015 11:09am


Religious holidays have always been a contested matter. Why do Christians get time off for Easter and Christmas while practitioners of other faiths are expected to show up to work on days they hold sacred? More importantly, why is one of the most burgeoning holidays perennially overlooked? It’s as if May the 4th were just another day.

This seemingly ordinary day is anything but for the legions of one oft-ignored creed. You see, today is of particular import to Star Wars devotees. A play on words of the famous “May the Force be with you” quote, the day has become a bonding occasion for believers of the Force. May the 4th has been internationally dubbed as “Star Wars Day.”

As part of an annual pilgrimage, disciples of the Force will journey to a land far, far away – San Isidro – to take part in a most venerated of rites: The Star Wars Run. Fans of the George Lucas space opera are to embark on a 7k race with the valiance of a Jedi Master, and many will don costumes of their favorite characters. A merciless competition for glory, the race is sure to determine one’s place in the Jedi Order. May the 4th be with you…

Suspiciously, the event is to take place in four days, on May 8th in the Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo.

It may seem disadvantageous to hold the race on a day other than today, but the Force works in mysterious ways.

Expect future races to increase in size, as social media and an upcoming Star Wars installment are working in tandem to gin up fresh excitement for all things Star Wars. While the Jedis and Siths among us may often pass undetected, do not be surprised when their brigades begin pushing for today to become an officially recognized holiday. This race is just one of many tactics being used to bring attention to the little-known holiday.

For younglings who think they might possess the resolution necessary to seize the Force, think again. Below is a video from last year’s dog-eat-dog marathon. More than 4,000 partook. Consider yourself warned.