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Aníbal Fernández, Jon Bon Jovi And 'Los Redondos' Join Budget Debate

By | [email protected] | October 10, 2013 7:23pm



Aníbal Fernández, Senator for the Buenos Aires province and the head of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s cheer leading squad is a breath of fresh air in the Senate. While other pretentious bookworms quote Machiavelli or the forefathers, Aníbal Fernández, that incorrigible hipster, has a preference for Jon Bon Jovi and Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota.

While senators last night were debating the highly controversial 2014 budget bill, some politicians in the opposition refused to vote for it, since the piece of legislation, drafted by the National Government, predicts that the GDP will increase by 6.2 percent, consumption will expand 5.7 percent and investment will increase by 8.5 percent. Figures that have been considered to be pure fiction by most political leaders who not aligned with the Government.

So after some had been quoting Machiavelli and whatever, by the time it was Fernández’s turn to defend the bill, he unexpectedly said he was going to quote a song by Jon Bon Jovi.

“It goes like this, ‘I ain’t gonna do what I don’t want to.’ What does this mean? Yo no voy a hacer lo que no quiero hacer and likewise, this caucus is not going to do what we don’t want to do. And do you know Madam President, what [this caucus] doesn’t want to do? To leave pensioners, the pibes, Education and those who are vulnerable unprotected. It won’t do it because it doesn’t want to do it!”

But Aníbal didn’t stop there. Boy, this guy really enjoys making people laugh, God bless him. In connection with the INDEC figures, which largely differ with the IMF’s estimations, he just said:

“When has the IMF been correct? They show it as God knows what! They remind me of this song by the Redondos: “un canibal desdentado enseñando a masticar” (a toothless cannibal is teaching us how to chew.) In 2010 they said Argentina was growing 0.7% and it grew 9.2 %. In 2011 they said Argentina would grow 2.6 and we grew 8.9. They are brilliant with figures! A toothless cannibal teaching us how to chew. Time to wake up, querido.”


Despite the ridiculous name, I wasn’t surprised about the Redonditos quote, to be honest. This is Aníbal Fernández and we are used to his ways. What did come as a shock was the use of New Jersey’s favorite son lyrics as material for heated populist speeches at the hemicycle. Odd indeed. Do you know what is also odd? I thought no one in this Administration spoke English as it’s the language of their natural enemies, but I guess I was mistaken. Maybe I should start being more careful about the things I write in this publication. Or not.

Oh, and Aníbal was so excited about his statement that he later tweeted it:

How cute is that?
(Congreso de la Nación Photo/Wikipedia, Anibal Fernandez via Dia a Dia)