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Argentine Filmmaker Andy Muschietti to Direct New ‘The Flash’ Movie

He hit the big time after directing 'IT' and 'IT Chapter Two'

By | [email protected] | August 30, 2019 4:12pm

andy muschiettiPhoto from Vía País

If you’ve been reading The Bubble on a regular basis, you’ll know that we absolutely love to cover the stories about Argentines making it big abroad. Whether it’s two amigas bringing the joys of yerba mate to the hipsters in Brooklyn, badass creators working with legendary artists like Bjork, or filmmakers heading up the juries at prestigious international film festivals, few things bring us more joy than watching talented argentinos share their gifts with the world. Which is why we’re thrilled that filmmaker Andy Muschietti has been announced as the director of the forthcoming Flash movie, as he confirmed to the media this week. It’s the first time an Argentine will be at the helm of a big budget superhero film by a major studio, hooray!

Muschietti is up to his eyeballs in buzz as audiences await the premiere of the highly-anticipated IT Chapter Two on September 6th. Speaking to Fandango, he offered a succinct “yup” when asked if Flash would be his next project; the DC film will star Ezra Miller as a reprisal of the character first seen in Justice League (2017). When asked about what drew him to the story, considering his apparent penchant for horror and scares, Muschietti said: “What captivated me about the Flash is the human drama in it. The human feelings and emotions that play in the drama. It’s going to be fun, too. I can’t promise that there will be any horror [elements], really, but it’s a beautiful human story.”

Photo via Warner Bros.

For those of you (myself included) that aren’t PhD’s in comic book superheroes, let’s do a quick review of Flash. According to very important online encyclopedia Wikipedia, the character made his first appearance in October 1956’s Showcase #4 and was created by writer Robert Kanigher and penciler Carmine Infantino. Barry Allen is a police scientist who is slower than molasses, much to the chagrin of everyone around him. One night while working late, a lightning bolt strikes a case full of chemicals, dousing Barry in a mix of weird substances. After regaining consciousness, he finds that he suddenly has superhuman speed, reflexes, and other senses. He leaps into a red jumpsuit with characteristic lightning bolt on the chest and dedicates himself to becoming the city’s crime fighter and protector.

When will we be able to see the new Flash film directed by Andy Muschietti, then? Nothing has been confirmed yet, and since the director had previously said he hoped to take an extended break following the release of IT Chapter Two, it could be a while. According to the Collider, DC actually started working on the potential adaptation back in October 2015, when Warner Bros. hired Dark Shadows writer and It executive producer Seth Grahame-Smith to make his directorial debut. By 2016, though, he was off the project and Warner Bros. eventually cycled through two more potential directors amidst conflict and debate surrounding the direction of the film’s storyline. For now, Muschietti seems to be the man for the job, but production won’t start until the second half of 2020.

Muschietti is from Vicente López, Buenos Aires and first gained recognition for his film Mamá (2013), adapted from the eponymous short produced five years earlier; Guillermo del Toro was known for saying it featured the “scariest scenes he’d ever seen.