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An Entrepreneurial Inmate Ran A (Very Illegal) Internet Café For Prisoners

By | [email protected] | September 30, 2016 5:10pm


Talk about seeing a business opportunity. An inmate at the Oberá Prison in Misiones province was found to have access to various electronic devices. They weren’t all for him though. The prisoner apparently allowed other inmates to have contact with the outside world and use social networksin exchange for return for money and other unspecified favors. An inmate by the name of Omar, A.K.A. “The Brazilian,” who is serving seven years for a sexual abuse case, was named as having access to several smartphones and a tablet.

The Provincial Prison Service has opened an internal investigation into the issue, following suspicion that guards knew about Omar’s activities and turned a blind eye.

Police spokesmen also suggested that this access to technology could have also been used for cyber-kidnapping, a common problem in the penal system.

“It became evident that alcohol consumption and Internet activity had been happening, which was confirmed on Monday with the search,” an official source told El Territorio.

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