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An Average Household in Buenos Aires City Needed AR $16,847 To Not be Poor in December

By | [email protected] | January 19, 2018 1:15pm


A regular household consisting on two adults and two children needed at least AR $16,847 to not be considered poor, and AR $8,108.98 to not be destitute, according to a report released by the Buenos Aires City government’s statistics and census agency today.

The poverty and destitution lines are determined by the household’s ability to access the so-called Food Basket (CBA) and Total Basket (CBT). The basic food basket, as its name implies, includes only basic food needed to subsist whereas the CBT includes some services as well.

However, both assume that rent does not have to be paid. Presumably, this is the case because rent prices vary considerably depending on the size and location of the place the household inhabits, and the consequent impossibility to establish an average.

In regards to the Food Basket, its price actually dropped when compared to November 2017: from AR $8,129 to 8,108. The price of the Total Basket, on its end, increased by AR $188 when compared to the previous month – from AR $16,559 to 16,847 – and by AR $3,204 when compared to December 2016.

Moreover, the agency also determined how much money is required to belong to other stratum of society. In order to be considered a “vulnerable non-poor,” households have to be above the poverty line but earn less than AR $21,525. The next step are middle class households, whose earnings are between the last sum mentioned and up to AR $86,103. If a household earns more than that, then they are officially considered posh in Buenos Aires City.