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Amazon Could Soon Be Bringing Data Centers to Argentina

By | [email protected] | November 9, 2017 9:10pm


A step in the right direction?

This week, after President Mauricio Macri’s trip to New York City, Amazon has come out as one of the interested parties in investments in Argentina. Though it’d be a stretch to get Amazon Prime in the near future (bummer), Amazon is looking at possibly bringing its data centers to the country.

The Macri administration is taking steps away from the somewhat “nationalized” data collection as required by the habeus data law which requires that companies in Argentina must use local servers to protect the records from their clients. In July, the Argentine government signed a memorandum of understanding with Amazon so that the government could have access to two free cloud databases from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon vowed to finance and train 300 Argentine startups, as well as offering training to 300 teachers and 1,000 students from 200 schools.

After discussions with Elaine Feeney, Amazon’s Vice President in Global Expansion, Macri stated on Monday that the idea is to “gradually increase business” after getting their feet wet with data centers. US $30 million is initially planned for said data centers, however that number could expand up to US $200 million.

Here’s hoping we can look forward to two-day shipping someday soon.