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Almagro And Once: Two Dramatic Shootouts Take Place Within 13 Blocks

By | [email protected] | September 27, 2016 6:17pm


The reality of violent crime in the City of Buenos Aires hit home this afternoon when two intense shootouts took place within 13 blocks of each other in the neighborhoods of Almagro and Once. The result? One alleged robber killed and two police officers wounded. One of the officers was wounded as he tried to stop a motorbike, the other while attempting to arrest a robbery suspect.

The first shooting took place in broad daylight just after 2pm in Almagro, an area known for its connections with tango and several landmarks, including Las Violetas, a café often frequented by tourists. A police officer was pursuing two motorcycle-riding thieves when the shootout began. Around 15 to 20 shots were fired, leaving one of the alleged thieves dead and an officer wounded.

One killed, one wounded on the corner of Medrano y Lezica, via

One killed, one wounded on the corner of Medrano y Lezica, via

Almagro residents have taken to twitter with comments and videos to express their shock at the turn of events.

A few hours earlier and less than 15 blocks away, there was also a shootout between a police officer and alleged thieves who had apparently robbed a taxi driver. The police officer pursued the alleged thieves and a shootout took place, injuring the law enforcement agent on the corner of Pueyrredón and Perón.

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