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Yes, Alberto Fernández’s Son is a Drag Queen. Can We Move On Now?

In other equally relevant news, Fernández's dog has an IG account.

By | [email protected] | May 20, 2019 1:15pm

Welcome to Argentina (17)Photo via Via País

Here at The Bubble, we’re really fans of drag. The constant references to RuPaul’s Drag Race on our social media should’ve hinted at that enough by now (shout-out to Paige and her biggest obsession besides photographing dogs). But we actually had a writer that focused solely on this subject as well, dishing out great interviews to such local divas as Lady Nada and Icon Black and international stars during their shows in Argentina, such as the incomparable Miz Cracker.

So imagine the excitement at The Bubble’s HQ when we learned that newly announced presidential candidate and Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s new BFF Alberto Fernández was father to none other than drag queen and cosplay queen Dyhzy, a piece of news that is bound to put conservative media and old people into a frenzy, but that is just as relevant today as the fact that Alberto’s dog has an Instagram account (a collie named, adorably enough, Dylan. But I digress).

The “news” has already taken its toll as Dyhzy (real name: Estanislao Fernández) seems to have erased all the posts from an otherwise booming Instagram account that has over 17,000 followers (here’s a picture from the Instagram account before Alberto Fernández’s candidacy was announced last week, brimming with posts and Stories). It’s not the first time Estanislao has been in the news surrounding his father either. Back in 2008, then-chief of staff Fernandez went on record as saying that his then 13-year-old son asked him constantly to quit his job because “it affected him too much,” adding that “every time he reads that I might quit, he gets very excited, he gets happier than the opposition.”

The reasons for Dyhzy’s Instagram reset have not yet been revealed (For every supportive Tweet around the breaking news, there was the occasional douche, as you might expect). We at The Bubble really do hope that this issue doesn’t get blown out of proportion and we look forward to both Alberto and Estanislao moving forward with their political/drag world lives, respectively. Don’t let the pressure get to you guys, be yourselves and just focus on what we’re all really interested in: more pictures of Dylan.

UPDATE: Since publishing time, Dyhzy has once again activated all past postS on the @dyhzy Instagram account. Favorite stories, however, remain missing.