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Report: Buenos Aires Province One of Airbnb’s Top 2019 Destinations

The area ranks as the 6th most popular option for travelers.

By | [email protected] | December 12, 2018 2:49pm


Airbnb has released its round-up of the top destinations to visit in 2019, and Argentina has made the cut. In a list that also features Wakayama (Japan) Mozambique, and Kaikoura (New Zealand), Buenos Aires Province has been selected as the 6th most popular destination in the world to visit next year.

The company created the list by combining data from searches on its website, reservations, and travel “wish lists” to come up with the 19 regions and cities that their users are most eager to explore in the coming year. According to these findings, Buenos Aires Province has seen a year on year increase of 188 percent in bookings and of 176 percent in wish list inclusion, making it one of the trendiest travel destinations.

But it is not just proximity to the city of Buenos Aires that makes the region such a draw. For one, the favorable value of the US dollar against Argentina’s peso has caused a recent spike in popularity, allowing international guests to travel for less and discover more of the province’s diverse terrain in their trips. And with 300 square kilometers of mountain ranges, traditional provincial towns, coastal forests, and popular beaches, the province has plenty to attract visitors.

Sierras de Ventania, Buenos Aires Province (Photo via Wikipedia)

Airbnb’s data showed that towns like Tigre, renowned for its bustling Puerto de Frutos, and Pilar, the polo capital of Argentina, attract a great deal of tourism to the province. Additionally, the mountain city of Tandil has even been named as one of its most hospitable cities in the entire country for two years running, based on its number of Airbnb “superhosts” with 5-star reviews.

According to the travel platform, trends for 2019 are shifting toward sustainable and authentic tourism, with many users interested in visiting and helping communities that have experienced hardships or natural disasters, or searching for little-discovered locations off-the-beaten track. Topping the list is Kaikoura, a small whale-watching town on New Zealand’s South Island which is finally experiencing a resurgence after suffering heavy earthquake damage in 2016. And, coming in before Buenos Aires Province in the top five are Xiamen (China), Puebla (Mexico), Normandy (France), and the Smoky Mountains National Park in the US. Fun fact for history buffs: The 75th anniversary of D-Day has a lot to do with Normandy’s place in the ranking.

Tandil (Photo via Hostería de la Cascada)