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AFA’s Meeting At The Casa Rosada Yields Little Resolution

By | [email protected] | January 26, 2017 3:16pm

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The country’s football bigwigs got together in the Casa Rosada today for a meeting that fans (and investors) hoped would solve the current stalemate over contract negotiations, but no such luck this time.

The head of the regularization committee of AFA, Armando Pérez, along with Marcelo Tinelli, Rodolfo D’Onofrio and Nicolás Russo, all got together with General Secretary of the Presidency Fernando de Andreis, to try to come to a resolution. Specifically, they looked at terms to renew the Fútbol para Todos (FPT) contract.

A group spearheaded by Daniel Angelici and Hugo Moyano was looking to renew FPT for another six months, in exchange for AR $900 million. The Government turned down the proposal, instead offering AR $530 million, but with a requirement that the directors sign a contract to put a termination date, while also creating a “Superleague” while having  any and all changes be overseen by the assembly.

Besides this seemingly restrictive offer made by the Government, nothing materialized from the meeting. The measure does not take into account the directors expectations, who control the majority of the votes, and doesn’t realistically portray the difficulty that an Assembly’s approval will be.

Back to the negotiating table boys.