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Mission Impossible Gone Wrong: Aerolíneas Argentinas Employees Busted

They used silicone fingers to falsify their daily attendance to work.

By | [email protected] | April 10, 2019 1:39pm

Fingerprint scan provides security access with biometrics identificationPhoto via Mantratec

Here at The Bubble we really do love our weekly dose of WTF news from Argentina. We can’t get enough of it, to be honest. It’s the only thing keeping us going in these turbulent times we’re living nowadays. And this week we have a candidate that might just take WTF news of the month. I mean, this one pretty much has it all: a big company, references to spy movies, lazy people trying to take advantage of the system, tech gadgets… It’s like something taken out of a low budget Latin American parody of the Mission: Impossible series that went straight to DVD. All in all, besides the fact that it shows a side of Argentine idiosyncrasy that is not too flattering, it’s actually quite hilarious. Let’s get to the facts.

Photo via Infobae

So, Fingergate (as I’ve just decided to arbitrarily christen it) involves six employees of Aerolíneas Argentinas, the country’s flagship airline. They worked in the maintenance area and had to arrive at 6 AM each morning. How was their daily attendance verified? I’m glad you ask. Besides a short five-digit password, entrance required the use of fingertip recognition technology. You know, the ones that Tom Cruise and Daniel Craig usually use in their spy flicks. Everything seemed to be working fine for a while, until the Ocean’s Six (again, arbitrary christening) came up with the idea that would ultimately lead to their downfall.

What these “masterminds” came up with was a plan in which they would make silicone replicas of their fingers, so that only one of them had to attend work each day. That’s right, everyday, one of these “model citizens” had to carry his friends’ fake index fingers with him and slide them one by one through the ID machine until it registered that the six of them had all been accounted for.

This gave the other dudes free time to plan their other heists, including the one that involves hanging from a chord from the roof of MALBA, stealing several artworks and selling them to a famous black market art dealer (just kidding, they probably just chilled and watched Netflix all day long).

Quite possibly what the six employees had in mind for future heists (Photo via Mission Impossible still)

To make the plan work even better, the chosen one had to arrive at 4 AM each day so not to raise any suspicion from other employees. They did this from Monday to Fridays, because on weekends each work hour was paid as an extra. Foolproof plan, right? Well, not quite…

It seems that the six geniuses put all their energy into coming up with this one idea and their brains just fizzled out afterwards because they actually forgot a small, teensy little detail about the world we currently live in: cameras are everywhere. Especially inside companies that, you know, already use fingerprint technology (duh!). Their scam fell to pieces when footage surfaced in an investigation from Airport Security Police yesterday and all six were, understandably, fired.

So what is the lesson here? Well, I guess there are those who will focus on the fact that these guys were actually pretty close to pulling this off for good, maybe through some admiration their way. But, here’s to hoping that most readers will frown upon these sort of acts that pretty much help perpetuate the chanta mentality that we all wish to eradicate from society.