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Abortion Vote: The Most Shocking Reasons Given by Deputies to Vote Against Decriminalization

Get ready to raise your eyebrows. A lot.

By | [email protected] | June 14, 2018 5:35pm

olmedoDeputy Alfredo Olmedo.

During almost an entire day, the Lower House debated – and ultimately passed – the bill aimed at decriminalizing abortion. The large majority of the 257 national deputies used their right to deliver an address during the session and more than one, eager to find the best way to defend their stance, resorted to arguments that made the country collectively raise its eyebrows – to put it mildly. From a comparison of the situation of pregnant women with that of animals, to the assurance that decriminalization would lead to the proliferation of a black market of fetal organs, these are the most controversial statements the debate left us.

“I am sure most of you have pets. What happens when a dog gets pregnant? We don’t take her to the vet to have an abortion. We immediately try to find someone to give the puppies to,” said Cambiemos Deputy Estela Regidor during her address. “What happens to us, human beings, who have this damned use of reason that blocks our hearts?” she added, perhaps forgetting that other animals, for example, eat their offspring.

“Marsupials finish their developing process outside their mother’s womb. If ours were the same case, and 10 or 15-centimeter long babies were clinging to their mother’s breast, would it be that easy to throw them to the garbage like people in this chamber intend to? Let’s support both lives, not only one,” Cambiemos Deputy Martín Grande said.

Unidad Justicialista Deputy Ivana Bianchi, on her end, claimed that decriminalizing abortion would lead to the proliferation of a black market for fetal organs. To support her claims, she made reference to a widely debunked video aimed at undermining Planned Parenthood: “For example, in the US, there a company that did this and was subsidized by the state. After several protests, the subsidies were taken away from them. There are videos where a doctor of a company says ‘We are very good at getting the lung, the heart, the brain or the liver, because we don’t crush them, we apply pressure on top and the bottom in order to get them unharmed,'” said Bianchi.

“Making reference to a fictional and maliciously edited video from a far-right organization, Bianchi assured there is a large market that trafficks fetus organs, run by Planned Parenthood. That is simply false. First, PP donates the material without profit, beyond the benefits to scientific research. There is no market that makes them rich, nor there has ever been. Donations are also voluntary. Secondly, the omissions of the original video make it clear that PP is making reference to the cost of storing, refrigeration, and transport. Only malicious editing makes it look like [incriminating] evidence,” explains pundit Joaquín Harguindey.

Last but definitely not least, the ever-controversial Deputy Alfredo Olmedo requested President Mauricio Macri veto the law and proposed the creation of a cemetery for fetuses: “Let’s not bury the future of the country by killing unborn children. This is a law that benefits the rich and uses the poor as an excuse. President Macri, if you favor life, veto the law if it is passed. I will propose the creation of a cemetery for the victims of abortions,” he said.