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Abortion Debate: Cambiemos Deputy Suggests ‘Removing Fetuses’ After 20th Week of Pregnancy to Save Them. What?

By | [email protected] | March 13, 2018 6:21pm

pilarPhoto via Pilar de Todos

The debate about decriminalization of abortion in Argentina has generated an avalanche of opinions in society, from people both in favor of and against the bill. Some, however, are more rational than others.

One that will definitely make it to the hall of fame of the most nonsensical was the one suggested today by Cambiemos Deputy Marcela Campagnoli, who came up with the idea to remove the fetus after the 20th week of pregnancy from a mother who does not want to keep her child in the first place, and then keep it in an incubator so someone can adopt them before it is “born.”

“It is key to comfort the mother who does not want to have the child, because us women were designed to give life, and killing is something that is not in our bodies. It causes terrible traumas and modern science has made so much progress. In the 20th century, a seven-month-old fetus would die. In the year 2000, babies that were born after 28 weeks of pregnancy were able to stay alive outside the womb, in an incubator,” she said in a radio interview today.

Campagnoli is close to the co-founder of Cambiemos and National Deputy Elisa “Lilita” Carrió, who requested the issue not even be debated in Congress. “Death is never the solution. The solution can’t be the death of a child who will never see life again,” Campagnoli added, before saying the matter was legally complex as the rights of the mother and the child clash in that situation.

Needless to say, it is unlikely her suggestion will prosper. (Although these days, who knows anymore.)