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Abortion: In Historic Vote, Lower House Passes Decriminalization Bill

With 129 votes in favor and 125 against.

By | [email protected] | June 14, 2018 12:33pm

14-06-2018_buenos_aires_manifestantes_festejando_enPhoto via Télam

Update: With 129 votes in favor and 125 against, the Lower House passed the bill decriminalizing abortion. It will now be sent to the Senate, where it will go through the same process as it did in its Lower Counterpart: it will be debated in commissions during a period of time – which will be determined by Senators – and then, if approved in that instance, sent to the floor as well. If passed by the Senate, the bill will be sent to President Mauricio Macri’s desk, who will sign it into law.


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There was a moment of tension immediately after the voting: two deputies claimed their votes had been tallied wrongfully tallied in favor, even though they had voted against. Their votes were duly changed and the count, which had initially shown 131 votes in favor and 123 against, ended up 129 to 125.


The reaction of the pro-choice crowd gathered outside Congress:

After almost a full day of debate – including a non-stop session since yesterday morning – the vote on the bill aimed at decriminalizing abortion is happening. Over 200 deputies who wished to speak have addressed their peers – and the entire country, paralyzed and closely following each word. The leaders of each caucus have already delivered their parties’ closing arguments as well.

Many news sites on social media are keeping track of the vote which until recently seemed to be head to head. The last update brought good news for the camp advocating for decriminalization, as La Pampa Deputy Sergio Zillioto announced in the early hours of the morning that his two fellow deputies from the same province, Ariel Rauschenberger and Melina Delú, who were initially set to vote against the initiative, would do so in favor. And San Luis Deputy José Riccardo (UCR), who was going to abstain, announced he would vote in favor as well. And, according to Télam, Gastón Roma, from Tierra del Fuego (PRO) has also changed his vote around.

According to the tallies carried out by Parlamentario, La Nación and Télam, there will be 129 votes in favor and 125 against, allowing the historic bill to pass in the Lower House.

If passed, it will then head over to the Senate, where it faces an uphill battle.