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A Small Town In Buenos Aires Province Just Broke A Guinness World Record

By | [email protected] | January 30, 2017 2:15pm

A Small Town In Buenos Aires Province Just Broke A Guinness World Record

Break any records this weekend? Two thousand people in Buenos Aires provinces’ Carhué did when they took to Lake Epecuén on Sunday. The Guinness World Record was set for “the highest amount of people to simultaneously float at one time for 30 seconds, while holding hands and having both hands and feet out of the water.” In your face Taiwan!

The lake where all the action went down (or rather remained afloat) is famous for having therapeutic properties thanks to its high salinity — which as luck would have it also makes it a great spot for floating around. Yay physics! 

The record helped boost tourism in the area, which is still dealing with damage from a flood some 30 years ago. The website advertising the record stated over 3000 people signed up to participate. People travelled from all over to take part, including those coming from provinces as far as Jujuy and Formosa, over 1400 kilometres away.

“Not in our wildest dreams could we have hoped for this outcome” said the secretary of tourism in Carhué.

The event kicked off at 4PM on Sunday with participants ranging in age from 10 to 80 years old. Groups of 50 people entered the water at the same time until a total of 1,941 swimmers were suspended in the salty lake. This number was confirmed through the use of people two turnstiles that counted people as they made their way to the water. 

1941 people float on Lake Epecuén without help #naturalfloating #worldrecord

The whole process was supervised and filmed with the help of a drone. This new record smashed the previous holders’, Taiwan who had held the record since 2014 where 634 participants took part in a similar event in Korea’s Sun Moon lake.