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A Global Wine Shortage Could Soon Be Upon Us

By | [email protected] | November 1, 2013 12:17pm


You guys, this is serious.

The world could soon be facing a global wine shortage.

Morgan Stanley Research was the bearer of bad bottle news earlier this week. Turns out we (the world) just squeaked by with supply exceeding demand last year. And we are fast stumbling down a road to a dark, dark place where that won’t even be possible.

“Data suggests there may be insufficient supply to meet demand in coming years, as current vintages are released,” the report says.


Credit: Morgan Stanley Research

Credit: Morgan Stanley Research

The good news is all in all, this year was a good harvest. But we’ll need good harvests always and forever to keep all the globe’s palates whet with wine.

Argentina is considered a “new world” market for wine, along with the US, Australia, Chile, South Africa and New Zealand, all of which total to less than 30% of the world’s wine exports. Let’s get growing, mashing and fermenting, Argentina! Feel the call to action? Get down to The Vines of Mendoza and buy and cultivate your little patch of vineyard or however it works.

In the meantime, run over to the Chino and stock up on as many bottles of wine as you can. You can get a drinkable enough bottle for, like, the equivalent of US$3 if you’re using that dollar, dollar blue. Callia calling!


Hoard all the wine

And just so we can laugh while we cry salty tears—not into your glass, please! Must preserve—at our vino-less fate: