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48-Hour Open House Buenos Aires

By | [email protected] | October 27, 2014 11:04pm


Before you get too excited, we’re not promoting a 48-hour house party nor have we managed to acquire property all of a sudden (but who knows what the future may hold for The Bubble).

48 Hour Open House Buenos AiresThe 48-Hour Open House event we’re talking about was in fact this past weekend and if you were buried under your duvet or a tree somewhere then all you need to know is that it was basically an opportunity for us mere mortals to have a good old nosey around normally closed (or admission based) buildings for free.

And before you ask, no. The President’s home (the secluded Quinta de Olivos) didn’t make it on the list but keep your fingers crossed for next year.

Now a global hit, Open House did in fact start in London in the early nineties then spread into cities such as New York, Oslo, Melbourne, Dublin, Jerusalem (yes, very intrigued by this one) and of course, Buenos Aires. The whole idea being, as its founders have described, “to get under the skin of the amazing architecture” within a city.

In Buenos Aires, organizers did a pretty good job of offering 80 unique and diverse buildings as part of the event, including Cine Teatro “Gran Rex”, the Teatro Colón, the Savoy Hotel, several artists studios and even the building for “La Prensa”, one of Buenos Aires’ oldest newspaper that is no longer in business.

For some places, a guide and talk was even thrown in – making you feel ever so cultured and informed for a few minutes. Then, some time to roam around the buildings on your own, although in my case it was under the close watch of pink t-shirted volunteers. I was clearly looking suspicious.


Inside the building for “La Prensa” – possibly a bit extravagant for a newspaper office. No wonder it went out of business.

Getting your foot in the door to some of these places does require some unorthodox measures (at least here in Argentina) – planning and booking in advance. But hey, you’ve got a whole year until the next one (or even sooner in other cities) so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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