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The 4 Argentine Reddit Pages You Should Follow

Memes, quirky news, and mate enthusiasts.

By | [email protected] | February 10, 2020 11:00am

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Reddit, the website that brands itself “The Front Page of the Internet,” inhabited by niche enthusiasts of everything from video games to politics to math, is now the 21st most visited website in the world, with over 542 million monthly visitors (that’s 12 Argentinas!). It’s a discussion website, composed of “sub-reddits,” where anyone can post anything as long as it follows community guidelines and is related to the central subject of the thread. Users upvote and downvote posts, and whatever gets the most shoots to the top, and into your timeline.

While reddit began in the United States, it has since gone global, becoming popular across Europe, and, yes that’s right, even in many Latin American countries. So, to introduce The Bubble’s readers to Argentine reddit, in the spirit of Pedro’s beloved Offbeat Argentine Instagram Accounts You Should be Following, here goes the four Argentine subreddit threads you should go join or follow or at least check out right now because they’re really great and we like them.


As the name suggests, r/Argentina is your one-stop-shop for all things Argentina on reddit. The best of the best from any other page I recommend will end up here, and, in my opinion, it is the essential Argentine follow. It has over 100,000 members, so you can expect almost hourly posts, and there’s sure to be something wacky and new up every time you check.

The content of this sub-reddit ranges wildly, and the only official criteria is that whatever it is has to be related to Argentina (a low bar, but pretty strictly enforced). Scrolling through the page, I’ve found memes, political discussions, locals and tourists asking questions, quirky news stories, videos of politicians directly contradicting themselves, alfajor appreciation posts, and I could go on and on.

The political discussions can be somewhat taxing and repetitive (Macri! No. Cristina! No. Espert? Definitely no.), but r/Argentina is a great place to learn about niche things going on in Argentina, and learn about the country’s culture as a whole. Whether it’s a photo of a monument to Argentine pizza (yes, it has too many olives) recently inaugurated in Chivilcoy, or a video of a cop single-handedly stopping four burglars, r/Argentina is definitely the first page you should be checking if you are bored, and want to see what weird event is happening at that exact moment.

A post on r/Argentina of a local monument to Argentine pizza (notice the olives) in Chivilcoy.


“Buenos Aires is the first capital in Latin America with 100% LED lights”

The second reason I love r/Argentina is that it’s a place to get the most popular memes about Argentina. If there is a meme anywhere on the internet about Mauricio Macri, barra bravas, or Truco it will end up here at some point. If you’re following accounts on Instagram or Twitter for your memes, I guarantee that you will get them faster on reddit, and r/Argentina is where the best of the best end up.

A meme from r/Argentina. Tragedy + Time = Comedy.


While r/Argentina has most of the memes deemed “high quality” by Argentine redditors, if you are truly an enthusiast of Argentina-themed humor and punch-lines imposed on photos, r/DankArgentina is the place for you. Exclusively focused on memes, this page has over 20,000 members, posts more memes than r/Argentina and has them up before the other threads. This is because more often than not, if a meme is popular enough on r/Dankgentina, someone will copy it and post it on r/Argentina, where it will get even more love.

So, if r/Argentina has the “best of the best,” why follow r/Dankgentina? Well, you don’t have to, but I don’t feel that my sense of humor matches up exactly with all the other redditors, so what they deem “the best of the best” might not be what I think is funniest. I almost always find my favorite memes on r/Dankgentina. The memes on r/Argentina tend to have more mass appeal, and are more obvious, and while r/DankArgentina is more hit-or-miss, when it hits, it really hits.

Take this meme for example, on r/Dankgentina but not r/argentina, which (in my opinion) is quite possibly the greatest thing Argentina has produced since Maradona’s right foot:

“A country which holds its soccer players to a higher standard than its politicians is doomed to WIN THE COPA LIBERTADORES, LET’S GO BOKITA 2019”

In addition, it’s a more streamlined experience, no need to slog through the ten Cristina-Macri debates and the lost tourists wondering where the best bars are, it’s just pure, unadulterated humor all down your timeline. It also has more English content than r/Argentina, which I know is something dear to the hearts of the readers of The Bubble. If you’re just trying to laugh, r/Dankgentina is the best place to be on Argentine reddit, and therefore, another must-follow.


r/YerbaMate is a page dedicated to the appreciation, discussion and general enthusiasm for yerba mate, a distinctly Argentine drink that you’re hopefully familiar with by now. While not explicitly Argentine, in fact many of the posts are in English, I’m including it because most of the posts are just foreign mate enthusiasts in awe of the love that Argentines have for this herbal concoction, and the central place it holds in Argentine life.

Top posts are often photos of Argentine supermarkets with shelves and shelves of mate, or people in Argentina painting their mothers or skateboards with logos of their chosen brand of mate. There are also (more boring) discussions about what is the best mate, how to properly care for your mate supplies, and the different ways enthusiasts like to drink it (really, with lemonade? Milk?). And yes, there are also mate memes, and they are amazing.

A mate enthusiast paints their board in honor of the “Rosamonte” brand of Yerba Mate.


r/BuenosAires is a bit like r/Argentina, in the sense that it is a broadly defined discussion, and the only requirement for posts is that they be about Buenos Aires, but it’s different, and interesting for readers of The Bubble, because it’s primarily in English.

The group is mainly used by expats and foreign tourists living in Buenos Aires, and while it doesn’t have many memes, it’s a pretty good place to post a question about porteño life and where to find things in the city. It’s especially great if you’re new to BA or getting to know it from an outsider’s point of view, as there are many posts on what to do in the different neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, and how to avoid getting scammed when you first get here.

In addition, and this is my favorite part of the subreddit, there are some pretty beautiful photos of Buenos Aires landscapes, and general appreciation posts for this lovely city. People take photos of their views, or nice buildings in their area, adding captions about the location and history of the places. It’s a useful and calm subreddit for those in the area, good for both tourists and longer term foreign residents.

Overall, Argentine reddit is a great place to get news, learn about the culture, and split your sides laughing over the peculiarities of Argentine life. While these four pages are my favorites, there are many more, so get on and explore this growing community. Pretty soon you’ll be armed with more random facts about Argentina than you could ever need, a yerba mate addiction, and telling all your friends how “I actually saw that meme a few days ago, but yeah it’s pretty funny.” Don’t show it to us, we’ve already seen it.