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2018 Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games: What You Need to Know

Buenos Aires will be hosting the event for the very first time

By | [email protected] | October 5, 2018 5:12pm

rJNRxppw7_720x0__1Youth Olympics (Photo via Clarín)

The moment has finally arrived.

206 countries and 4012 athletes aged between 15-18 are coming together on Saturday in Buenos Aires to celebrate the opening of the Youth Olympic Games (YOG), with competitions commencing on the 7th in 8 different locations across the city.

The games provide us with a glimpse of our potential future champions, promotes sport as an educational tool, and brings our nations together. It is not only a celebration of splendor for our local Argentines, who have been rapidly transforming the city and working on major renovations such as the Youth Olympic Village or the Youth Olympic Centre, but it will also leave an important legacy on Argentine sport, leaving the city glowing and proud.

The Bubble has put together a small guide of Everything You Need to Know for the opening tomorrow, and for the days to come.

The Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony for the games is set to be a big one, with a celebration of gender equality and inclusiveness parading the streets of Buenos Aires. Taking on a typical Latin American style, there will be no stadiums involved, and instead, there will be a huge street party centered around one of Buenos Aires’ main landmarks: El Obelisco. Kick off is at 8 pm, so be sure to plan in advance because very big crowds are expected. We would definitely suggest taking the Subte if you’re not one to sit in heavy traffic, or if the sun graces us with its presence, why not take the bus half-way and travel the rest by foot?

Photo via Travel & Leisure

How to Watch the Games Live Online

The YOG will be broadcast all around the world, so even those who were not lucky enough to get their hands on a ticket will be able to watch it. In Argentina, the responsibility lies in the hands of TV Publica, TYC and DEPORTV, so make sure you book your time slot out on the family television to ensure you can watch your desired competition.

If you are not near a TV, you will also be able to watch the YOG through the ‘Olympic Channel’ which offers a wide coverage on its website and mobile apps, providing 550 live hours of streaming across all of the sporting events. It will also provide a ‘YOG Daily’, which provides a round-up of the day and its highlights, which will be featured daily on Facebook and Twitter at 13:00 pm local time.

The Venues

Four different parks across the city will be hosting the majority of the action, namely the Youth Olympic Park, Green Park, Urban Park and Tecnopolis, with events such as Golf, Speed Skating, Rugby and Sailing held at the Hurlingham Club, Paseo de la Costa, Club Nautico San Isidro and Club Atletico San Isidro Sede La Boya respectively. Clearly, there is just too much going on to keep the events in one place, so make sure you double check the location of your event before you make the trek there.

Photo via TVU Networks

How and Where to Purchase Tickets

Sadly, the Registration for the YOG is now closed, but if you have any queries as to where to pick up your tickets or the benefits of the YOG pass, click here.

Six Argentine Athletes to Watch Out For

Delfina Pignatiello – 400m & 800m Swim

Born in 2000, and brought to light at the end of 2016, when she finished 6th in the Mundial de Pileta Corta in Canada.

Delfina Pignatiello (Photo via Clarin)

Sol Ordas – Rowing

Gold Medal in the South American Youth Games (2017), Ordas is following after her parents, who were both former Olympic rowers.

Sol Ordas (Photo via Youth Olympic website)

Teresa Romairone and Dante Cittadini – Yachting

Finishing 4th in the World Cup in Barcelona last year and winning the European Championships in Italy in August, Romairone and Cittadini are a driven team with clear objectives.

Teresa Romairone and Dante Cittadini (photo via Jen Edney/World Sailing)

José Luis Acuña – Taekwondo

Born in 2002, Acuña is determined to follow the steps of his idol Sebastián Crismanich, winning silver in the youth category at the South Korea International Open.

José Luis Acuña (Photo via MG Radio)

Agustín Osorio – Javelin

Sixth in the World last year in the World Under 18’s Competition in Kenya, he became champion of the South American Youth of Santiago in 2017.

Agustín Osorio (Photo via Youth Olympics Official Youtube Channel)