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The Whale On The AR$200 Bill Is Not Backwards; The Whole Design Is

By | [email protected] | January 20, 2016 4:55pm

ballena1Not confusing at all, BCRA. Photo via

If you’re like me, you’ve spent a good few minutes flipping the image of the new AR$200 bill design around and around trying to figure out whether the whale depicted on it is indeed right-side up after authorities confirmed it wasn’t, in fact, upside down.

According to a spokesperson from the Central Bank (BCRA), we’re all cray-cray because the whale’s incredibly strange position is “not a design flaw.”

For your sanity, the BCRA took to its website to provide a visual of how to hold the controversial bank notes and essentially called us as all as idiots for not realizing “the notes were designed vertically.”

How to officially hold your Dolla Dolla Bills Source: BCRA

How to officially hold your Dolla Dolla Bills
Source: BCRA

Right. How did we miss that?

OH WAIT: maybe because bills are normally looked at horizontally and because half of the bill’s design is drawn in a horizontal format.

Ricardo Sastre, the Mayor of Puerto Madryn, where the native Southern Right Whale resides, took to Twitter with a bit of sass to express his annoyance over the BCRA’s misleading depiction of the national treasure (yes I’m referring to the whale).

“To the person who designed the AR$ 200 bill, I invite you to get to know the whales and to realize that you put them the wrong way.” 
Turns out Sastre wasn’t all that off as his tweet has over 2.5k retweets. And then he tweeted this, which was even better.

“How does this look? Nice, right?”

How much controversy can the BCRA really handle? Only a few days ago, it revealed the new fauna and flora designs for Argentine currency, which were met with a mountain of criticism by those who thought replacing Evita and the Malvinas with whales and guanacos was a tad bit disrespectful. Plus Alejandro Vanoli, the former BCRA head under the Kirchnerite administration, said his team had already designed new AR$200 and Ar$500 bills featuring Juan Domingo Perón himself and Hipólito Yrigoyen.