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10th International ‘Tango Queer’ Festival Returns To Buenos Aires

By | [email protected] | November 10, 2016 4:13pm


It has been ten years since the first edition of the International Queer Tango Festival kicked off in Buenos Aires. In 2006, when the festival was first pioneered by Mariana Docampo and Augusto Balizano, marriage equality in Argentina was still a full four years off. Since then the atmosphere has changed in the country — marriage equality has been in effect for six years — and to many, it is a thing of the past. Despite the advances that Argentina has made, there is still a long way to go, especially to combat the discrimination and violence that the LGBTQ community faces, both in the city of Buenos Aires itself, and in more conservative areas of the country. Building off the need to not just institute more inclusive policies on the books but to also fight to integrate socially and increase the visibility of Argentina’s dynamic and active LGBTQ community — initiatives like Tango Queer mix put creative expression, social liberation and less politicized activism out on the dancefloor.

The motto of Tango Queer is to dance without the fixed roles traditionally assigned to each sex. In this sense, Tango Queer is not exclusively for same sex couples; it can be danced between a woman and a man in addition to between two women or two men. The aim of the dance is to make a break with the established roles of who follows and who leads, paving the way for the creation of a new role that allows both participants to follow or lead at will. It helps to think of the tango as a form of communication — like most dances — and in this case, Tango Queer proposes that the conversation between each couple be a two-way street.

The coming week will provide a wide range of opportunities to learn more about the tango as “a two-way conversation.” In addition to tango workshops almost every day of the festival in Estudio Mariposita, there are additional lessons, live music, milongas, and performances in many of the city’s notable bars that you can find listed in the breakdown below. For those interested in attending, figure AR $100-150 for each event — and keep in mind that as per the festival’s website “programming is subject to change based on the needs of each organization.”

Monday, November 14th

12 – 4:30 P.M. Tango workshop in Estudio Mariposita (Carlos Calvos 950)

7:30 P.M. Tango lesson with Astrid Weiske at Los Laureles Bar (Iriarte 2290)

9 P.M. Welcome meet-up at Los Laureles Bar with performances by Astrid Weiske and Juan Pablo Ramírez. Live music by Walter Romero.

Tuesday, November 15th

12 – 4:30 PM Tango workshop in Estudio Mariposita (Carlos Calvos 950).

8:30 PM Tango lesson at Tango Queer (Perú 571) with Walter Venturini & Cristiano Bramani.

10:00 PM Opening milonga at Tango Queer with performances by Claudio González and Julia Urruty, and Aurora Lúbiz and Augusto Balizano. Live music by Los Reyes del Tango and Orquesta La Hoguera.

Wednesday, November 16th

12 – 4:30 PM Tango workshop in Estudio Mariposita (Carlos Calvos 950).

10:30 PM Salsa lesson at El Beso (Ríobamba 416) with Katerine Richard.

11:00 PM Milonga and Drag King and Queen Party at El Beso with performances by Soledad Nani and Yuyú Herrera, Jonathan Spitel and Betsabet Flores, and Juan Pablo Ramírez and Daniel Salazar.

Thursday, November 17th

12 – 4:30 PM Tango workshop in Estudio Mariposita (Carlos Calvos 950).

10 PM Gala Milonga at Milonga de Los Zucca (Humberto Primo 1462) with performances by Mariana Docampo and Augusto Balizano.

Friday, November 18th

12 – 4:30 PM Tango workshop in Estudio Mariposita (Carlos Calvos 950).

10:30 PM Tango lesson at La Marshall (Ríobamba 416) with Edgardo Fernández Sesma.

11:30 PM Milonga at La Marshall with performances by Walter Venturini and Cristiano Bramani, Yuko Artak and Liliana Chenlo, and Pedro “Indio” Benavente and Partenaire.

Saturday, November 19th

12 – 4:30 PM Tango workshop in Estudio Mariposita (Carlos Calvos 950).

8:00 PM Screening of “Tango Queerido” at MM (Hipólito Yrigoyen 1440).

Sunday, November 20th

7:30 PM Chacarera class with Anahí Carballo at Los Laureles Bar (Iriarte 2290).

8:30 PM Closing milonga at Los Laureles Bar with performances by Mariana Docampo and Anahí Carballo, Martín Cardoso and Javier Velázquez, and Edgardo Fernández Sesma and Carlos Blanco. Live music by Orquesta Típica Esquina Sur.