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10 Things You Can Do During a General Strike

By | [email protected] | April 11, 2014 7:25pm


With the buses and all six lines of the Subte down yesterday, most of us were unfortunately kept free from our work/school obligations. True, there was really no way to get anywhere, but it wasn’t all bad – in fact, despite stopping planes, trains, and colectivos, the strike made more than a few rare moments possible:

1. Hear yourself think on Avenida Santa Fe

santa fe

No buses, less people, thank goodness they put signs up – there’d be no other way to tell you were walking down the major avenida today. Or any avenida for that matter, which, without the screeching, hissing, rumbling and honking of the colectivos, all held a rare hush and became chasms for your urban contemplation. Unless they held demonstrations. Then it was noise as usual.

2. Bike through the bike lanes with less shit blocking your way

There may have been drama in the streets today, but it was liberation in the bike lanes – which was another happy product of the less buses + less people formula. No lines of commuters snaking through the bicisenda plus far fewer delivery bikes darting in and out took away two of the bicyclist’s top natural predators. Be free, my bicycling brethren, BE FREE!

3. Go to a local plaza


Because when was the last time you hung out in a plaza, really? With mild temperatures and little to do, you could actually spend time IN the plaza, instead of just cutting through it on your way home from work. Sit down, relax awhile – hell, bring your mate, take a selfie, really get into the plaza experience.

4. Call your mother

Just don’t get her going on what she thinks about “all this paro business.”

5. Cross Avenida 9 de Julio in half the time

Photo via

Photo via

Breeze right on through those empty bus lanes! If you time it right (and you’re quick) you could actually cross it today in one go – an unparalleled feat in time-saving… if you had anywhere to be today.

6. Learn how to cook something new

Or in my case, anything at all.

7. Wonder what it’s like to protest on the Subte tracks



8. Catch up on all the #QueHicisteEnElParo tweets

If you weren’t, someone was, as the hashtag trended so much it climbed to the top of trending tweets worldwide – just below the other global headlines of #NationalSiblingsDay and #MiPreguntaTontaEs. Scrolling through all the tweets with the hashtag was an easy way to kill those hours between sleeping and eating – just to make sure everyone else in the nation was sleeping and eating too.

9. Save money

What are you going to spend it on? With restaurants and shops closed, looks like you had to fill that empty void today with something other than food and clothes.

10. Drink at 5 pm

By something I mean alcohol. Because really, what else were you doing today?