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10 Argentine Instagram Accounts We’re Loving Right Now

By | [email protected] | April 18, 2018 11:56am


At the risk of sounding completely millennial, Instagram is arguably the most exciting social media platform in existence right now. Facebook is hacking us, Snapchat died a tragic death after a questionable update and Kylie Jenner tweeting “Sooo, does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me” (it isn’t), and Twitter… well, there’s only so much you can do with 280 characters apart from start World War Three.

Enter Instagram. While it still has its downsides (is it *that* difficult to return to a chronological feed?), it’s the platform of preference for some of the funniest and most creative accounts out there.

Since we’re so generous, we present the guide to our favorite Argentine-run accounts who are crushing it right now.

1. @amordel2000

695/ No culpes a la lluvia

A post shared by Amor del 2000 (@amordel2000) on

The course of true love never did run smooth, but my God have you tried dating as a millennial? Step in Amor del 2000, an “open collective of 21st century poets, fiery declarations of love, and cybernetic heartbreaks.”

687/ Quién te quita lo bailgrammar-nazi

A post shared by Amor del 2000 (@amordel2000) on

Some posts are universal frustrations with love in the twenty-first century, but others are so Argentine that they’re like a sneak peek into the collective soul of the country’s youth.

701/ Zuckerberg, el karma existe hijo de yuta ya a te va a pasar a vos

A post shared by Amor del 2000 (@amordel2000) on

Follow for: The “omg that’s so me” moments.


2. @agave_

A post shared by AGAVE (@agave_) on

From food-styling to lust-worthy interior shots, this account has it all. Agave is a Buenos Aires-based project specializing in textile design, drawing influences from the organic and nature, and their Instagram is making me feel things.

While they’re not the most prolific of posters, it’s generally worth the wait, as they upload incredibly chic interior #inspo that will have you questioning why your life is in such shambles and you don’t even have one matching set of bath towels.

A post shared by AGAVE (@agave_) on

Follow for: The aesthetics.


3. @aggyferrari

The sepia-toned travel account of dreams. Aggy Ferrari uses her Instagram as a modern travel diary, publishing hyper-curated photos from her globetrotting adventures as well as her ridiculously cute baby and dogs.

Using the hashtag #itisbetteroutside, this account showcases the sort of outdoorsy life you wish you could lead, if only you could get your butt off the ‘gram.

Follow for: Dogs! Babies! Wanderlust!


4. @lagenteandadiciendo

A classic of the Argentine Instagram scene, this account shares the many weird and wonderful things overheard on the wild streets of Buenos Aires.

It sometimes feels like this account hit peak perfection last year. Nevertheless, the people of our dear city never fail to deliver hilarious commentary that will always brighten up your feed.

Follow for: The lolz and the magical people who share this city with you.


5. @emablom

Sombras ? #cordobaargentina

A post shared by ema blom (@emablom) on

Ema Blom’s Instagram is a real treat. A talented photographer based in Córdoba, his highly-stylized account provides beautiful images of the Argentina beyond Buenos Aires.

Me siento en el espacio excepto que aquí hay gravedad… ? #cordobaargentina

A post shared by ema blom (@emablom) on

In addition to landscapes and cityscapes, Ema often shoots portraits and minor fashion campaigns, meaning his account is a varied but beautiful addition to your feed.

Follow for: A glimpse of life outside of Buenos Aires.


6. @labtostadores

Now The Bubble’s love for LAB is no secret – some have suggested that our office locations were chosen based on their proximity to the American-style coffee shop. Even so, their Instagram account is a beautiful thing. Food photography isn’t easy – ask anyone who’s tried to take a photo in a dimly-lit restaurant and ended up with distinctly unappetizing results (ehem, guilty…) – but LAB makes it look just so effortless. And tasty.

In addition to hunger-inducing photos of their menu, the feed is sprinkled with photos of the impossibly cool people who work there… though who am I kidding, I’m here for one thing and one thing only: Give me the brunch shots.

Follow for: The hipster food envy.


7. @pepitasandwich

los hombres me explican cosas a mi #mansplaining

A post shared by Josefina Guarracino (@pepitasandwich) on

Illustrator Josefina Guarracino, a.k.a. Pepita Sandwich, has a fabulous feed, filled with surreal cartoons of totally relatable situations. From mansplaining to modern art, to “Books are like films in your head!”, her comic creations deal with it all in a whimsical yet realistic way.

???? #rainbowpants

A post shared by Josefina Guarracino (@pepitasandwich) on

Like fellow artist Josefina Schargorodsky, many brands use her prints, so her Insta is the perfect place to discover her latest projects and products.

Huevos de siesta // napper eggs

A post shared by Josefina Guarracino (@pepitasandwich) on

Follow for: #Relatable moments encapsulated in beautiful comics.


8. @bridgetglee

I have so much time for Bridget Gleeson’s Instagram. A native of Philadelphia, she is a freelance travel writer (goals af) and is currently living in Buenos Aires. However, instead of envy-inducing vacay shots, her feed is filled with the most adorable watercolor illustrations.

decisions, decisions ☕️

A post shared by Bridget Gleeson (@bridgetglee) on

She doesn’t just illustrate her travels. From snapshots of her life to a (very helpful) guide to what to order at a parrilla, her beautiful sketches will make you wonder why you ever put your box of Crayolas down after elementary school.

evenly balanced ⚖️

A post shared by Bridget Gleeson (@bridgetglee) on

Follow for: Serious ganas to start being creative again.



9. @proyecto4patas

Todavía no sabemos si es perro o gremblins???

A post shared by Proyecto 4 Patas (@proyecto4patas) on

If you want to fall in love but have your heart broken at the same time, follow Proyecto 4 Patas, a non-profit organization whose mission is to protect and rescue mistreated animals in Buenos Aires.

Atardeceres en P4P

A post shared by Proyecto 4 Patas (@proyecto4patas) on

While of course there’s loads of pictures of adorable puppies, they also share the work that they do rehabilitating the often gravely wounded animals who come in to their care. You can read these animals’ stories and follow their recovery and transition to a better life. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Follow for: A hit right in the feels, and a chance to collaborate with a good cause.


10. @thiscouldbeusperovos

no te tatuás.

A post shared by This Could Be Us (@thiscouldbeusperovos) on

Ahhhh the “this could be us, but you playin'” meme. A classic of the internet, this account has taken the idea and run with it, captioning photos of couples with what you did wrong so that this can’t happen.

en la boca no me la das. @lu.sorribes

A post shared by This Could Be Us (@thiscouldbeusperovos) on

From celebrities to animals, no one is safe, or rather, everyone is a dream couple that we could only hope to emulate, if only you didn’t hog the damn covers.

me destapás.

A post shared by This Could Be Us (@thiscouldbeusperovos) on

Follow for: An Argentine take on a universal meme.



There you have it, a brief glimpse into the wild, wonderful world of Argentine Instagram. Happy scrolling!