Foto Via: Infobae

Get ready to see more electric and hybrid cars on Libertador Av. YPF has installed its two first electric vehicle charging stations at the ACA gas station in Palermo.

Yay! Is it the future yet? I had no idea we even had electric cars roaming the streets of BA already but yay, we’re cool now! (I hope). Each EV charging station is valued at US $60,000 and uses a Direct Current (DC) connection for fast recharging. This means batteries will only take around 15 to 30 minutes to be fully charged. I know we millennials don’t own cars because we can’t afford them but if I had an electric car I’d be happy right now.

Foto Via: La Nación
The first EV Charging Stations in YPF ACA Palermo. Foto Via: La Nación.

Unfortunately, if you were thinking of stopping by today and recharge your vehicle, you should know that the charging stations will only start functioning in approximately 60 days. Official sources have informed Infobae that the company “still has to reach an agreement with companies Edenor and Edesur about costs and we need to move forward with regulation”.

Oh? I mean… Sounds to me like someone put the electric car before the horse (zing!).

YPF has provided additional details of their expansion plan, saying they expect 200 EV charging stations to be installed by October this year. The charging stations will be placed in 110 YPF gas stations across the country. Many of them will be set up alongside the Buenos Aires-La Plata Highway.

YPF representatives proudly said that “the company has become the first oil company in Argentina to take the necessary step ahead of the coming demand for electric vehicles”. This new strategy by YPF is directly linked to the new regulations sanctioned by the government in which import taxes on electric and hybrid vehicles will be significantly reduced or eliminated.