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There are two protests that may (or may not) affect your commute this morning: one blocking the intersection of Callao and Corrientes and another suspending services on the Sarmiento train line.

Callao and Corrientes

Photo via Google Maps (Screenshot)
Photo via Google Maps (Screenshot)

The “Corrientes Clasista y Combativa” group (CCC) began protesting at 7 AM this morning at the busy intersection due to alleged death threats directed at their president, Juan Carlos Alderete, alongside three other organization leaders. CCC members have claimed that the people making the threats are “delinquents linked to drugs and drug trafficking in Buenos Aires Province.”

Needless to say, since this is arguably one of the busiest intersections in the City of Buenos Aires, the protest is causing a lot of traffic. Patience.

Sarmiento Train

“We cannot allow ourselves to be sanctioned for demanding better security conditions for both workers and passengers.” – Rubén “Pollo” Sobrero.

The Sarmiento train line is not working today due to a 24-hour protest: 350,000 passengers are allegedly affected. In the Once Station, one of the terminals, there are huge lines of people waiting for buses and shuttles to get to work. This protest is in response to what is considered an unfair five-day suspension of 70 workers because “they demanded better hygiene and security conditions in the workplace for a few hours.” In addition, the workers are calling for “a new protocol for train tracks and construction work to avoid more work-related tragedies” after a train ran over one worker, Sergio Garay, causing him to lose his leg on the job.

Rubén “Pollo” Sobrero, the Sarmiento train workers’ delegate, said, “I prefer people insulting me because of a lack of trains and not due to a lack of security or for another tragedy to occur for not having protested.”

The Argentine Train Operations organization, however, who sanctioned the workers, said that they had protested “arbitrarily” and “for no reason” on June 24th due to a “temporary power cut, and later said that there had been a supposed issue with the lavatories.” They were allegedly sanctioned because the union and the workers failed to register a formal complaint before protesting.

The unionists have warned that they are considering protesting again next week if there are no solutions.

Good luck, intrepid commuters!