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No visit from a sitting US president would be complete without the internet going wild. Twelve hours into Obama’s trip to Argentina, and we have not been disappointed. The following are some of the best memes to come out of the world wide web thus far:

“Obama is in Argentina??!!”

“You spent all night watching the arrival of Obama in the country?”

“I believe that I am already a Yanqui. Keep calm and drink Coke.”

“When they know how to prepare the fernet #ObamaEnArgentina”

“Mauricio Macri has his beast!!!! In your face Obama!!!!!!”

“Empanadas, asado, tortas fritas, dulce de leche, mate, guiso de lentejas. You are not going to want to leave. #ObamaEnArgentina”

“Shame that Meechum didn’t come…”

via Pick Up the Fork.
via Pick Up the Fork.