Don’t panic, bookworms! You’ve still got time to get in on the literary action Buenos Aires’ biggest book fair has to offer — just not much. Feria del Libro is about to end, so let’s have a look at the events you just can’t miss.

Friday the 12th

There are multiple book readings including The Girl You Lef Behind, by Jojo Moyes. The author is presenting the book herself at 6:30 in the Jose Hernández room. She is kind of a big deal in the book world having authored multiple bestsellers including Me Before You.

Luis Chitarroni and Horacio González are organizing a presentation to celebrate the work of Ricardo Piglia’s at 8:30 PM, in the Victoria Ocampo Room. Encuentro grandes lectores, grandes escritores is a workshop organized by Fundación El Libro in which different writers talk about great authors, who have passed away recently. It’s an incredible chance to get a peak into the private worlds of authors we’ve fallen in love with that have left the scene too soon. The idea is to introduce audiences to the books that have influenced these authors and to re-read their work. Hardcore literary nerding out.

Saturday the 13th

Liliana Heker and Pablo de Santos present Salir a la nieve, Fundación del Libro ‘s first award, at 2PM in the Domingo Faustino Sarmiento room.

As part of Encuentro grandes lectores, grandes escritores, Daniel Link and Adriana Rodriguez Pérsico are going to be talking about Josefina Ludmer and her vast literary career, at 8PM in the Victoria Ocampo room.

Sunday the 14th

Organized by Clarín and Revista Ñ, Martin Castagnet, among others is talking about Literature and New Technology. An issue that surely concerns us all! “Vivir, escribir y morir en un mundo de pantallas”, at 4 PM in the Haroldo Conti Room.

Roberto Cossa, Rubens Correa y Mariana Gióvine are honoring Carlos Gorostiza’s work, but that’s not all…the meeting includes a bonus track: great actors are reading parts of Vuelo a Capistrano, at 4 PM in the Alfonsina Storni Room.

Lucrecia Martel, J M Coetzee y Matilde Sánchez are talking about El año de Zama, Antonio Di Benedetto’s greatest novel, including its cinema release and the international consecration. Seeing Martel and Coetzee together is already a one life opportunity!