No one puts my feriados in a corner. Photo via

In an extremely confusing last-minute campaign move, Cambiemos candidate Mauricio Macri announced his plans to reduce the annual number of feriados yesterday. Because the best way to win votes days before a runoff election is to take away national holidays. Smooth move, dude.

Responding to the backlash Macri’s comments caused, Buenos Aires Culture and Tourism Minister and Macri official, Hernán Lombardi, publicly announced that feriados will not be going anywhere.

Macri claimed that feriados are detrimental to tourism and inhibit productivity in general. And sure, 17 is a lot days. But what about the joy that is a three- or four-day weekend? (We love you, feriados puentes.)

Argentine tourism companies have been up in arms since the announcement as the change could drastically affect employment and revenue. Lombardi assures that no further changes will be made to the official calendar without consulting the tourism sector first.

Macri and Lombardi. Photo via Minuto Uno.
Macri and Lombardi. Photo via Minuto Uno.

A poll of Argentines conducted by shows that 71 percent of Argentines is opposed to Macri’s feriado witch hunt.

Macri, with less than a week left until the ballotage election, we recommend not threatening to take away vacation days from the voting public… just an idea.