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Hold the nativity scene. We have a birthday to think about. Are you part of the chosen flock of people wanting to wish the Pope a Happy Birthday? How about sending him an email in advance of his 80th birthday on Saturday. No really – that’s an actual option.

Having joined Twitter back in 2012, it looks like Pope Francis is fast becoming the most tech-savvy Pope ever. He’s officially surpassed your grandpa who you only just taught how to FaceTime without putting the phone to his ear; and before we know it, he’ll be commenting on your Facebook photos asking how you and the family are doing.

With email accounts set up in 7 different languages, people from all over the world will be able to send him birthday wishes via the Internet.

The Pope sipping mate with his flock, via Gawker.
The Pope sipping mate with his flock, via Gawker.

On the actual day of his birthday, Argentina’s very own Pope Francis – born Jorge Bergoglio in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Flores – will preside over a Eucharistic celebration with the cardinals in Rome and then have a “normal” day, added the Vatican statement.

During the day, the Pope will also host the President of Malta, the Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, the Bishop of Chur (Switzerland) and the Community of Nomadelfia.

If you’re still itching for more information (or a sucker for digital self-flagellation) the Vatican has also created the hashtag #Pontifex80 — allowing us all to use multiple platforms to pay tribute to the Pope on his special day.

So, if you’re keen to get in on the action, you can use the address for messages in Spanish or if you’re keen on sending a happy birthday email in English.

No word on whether confessions or other sacrament requests can be sent as PDF attachments.