There are the over-the-top luxuries that you know about, and thus want: private jets, home theaters, tropical celebrity-owned islands, the French Riviera…and the list goes on. Then there’s the luxurious stuff so exclusive that you didn’t even know it existed. Starting this June, people lucky enough to frequent Buenos Aires can add the most Argentine of extravagances to this list. Elena Restaurant, inside the Four Seasons, will introduce a unique service they call the “Dry Aged Club.”

You can become a member of the exclusive “club” by, presumably, giving them an unknown sum of money. What do you get in return for your generous contribution? First, you get to choose whatever cut of meat suits you. Then, they’ll place your precious carne inside a specially-designed cava, a sort of dry-aging genie that controls the temperature, humidity, and other conditions in order to create a steak that’s somehow more tender and flavorful than any fresh cut.

FS_BA_Elena_Charcuterie_02M (1)

They’ll monitor its progress for you and even (this seems a little extreme) track its development in a notebook that you’ll ceremoniously receive upon Official Steak Consumption. In the meantime, the “helicopter parents” of the steak world can swing by the restaurant to check in on how everything is going and have a quick taste. Whenever you think the steak is ready, you can, you know, eat it.

This type of dry-aging has been common in Europe for years, and some worldly Argentine travelers have developed a taste for it. Elena and the Four Seasons are the first in the country to bring the process here. While this may remain one of the city’s more exclusive pastimes, diehard foodies and status-seekers alike just might flock to join the restaurant’s rarified new club.