Yesterday was the coldest day of the year. I’d much prefer hearing about records when they concern Olympians but winter, you’ve really outdone yourself. On Sunday morning it was 1.6ºC in the City of Buenos Aires but factoring in windchill, we said goodbye to positive temperatures and clocked in at -1.7º below zero. In terms of the number of days with freezing cold temperatures, this has been the coldest winter of the past five years.

Nearly half of Argentine weather stations recorded temperatures at or below freezing and 65 percent of the country had minimum temperatures below 4ºC, according to The National Meteorological Service (SMN). Here’s to hoping you weren’t in Bahía Blanca where the temperature with windchill reached -7.2ºC.

And I wouldn’t put away the hats and scarves yet: according to Juan Manuel Horler of the Argentine Center of Meteorologists, we will likely be visited by more polar waves and sub-zero temperatures until September. How does that Green Day song go? “Wake me up when September comes.” Or something like that.

Winter will continue to test us this week with a low of 3ºC today and a high of 12ºC today in the City of Buenos Aires. But according to the weather channel, temps should climb up to 14ºC by Friday.

If you’re looking for advice on how to survive a polar wave or you just want to find comfort in the fact that you’re not the only one suffering, social media was littered with #ConEsteFrío sharing tips and providing the perfect venting outlet, per usual.

“#WithThisCold Cold that freezes you or the art of cold???”