By now, the entire world is aware of the Xipolitakisgate. I mean, if Mashable and the Daily Mail have both run the story, that means the whole planet is aware of this, right?

And it looks like playmate and “actress” Victoria Xipolitakis is not enjoying the attention. True, she shouldn’t have been allowed into the cockpit of an Aerolíneas Argentinas flight during take off (let alone touch the controls), but what’s done is done and she must now suffer the consequences of her reckless actions.

Or not.

Because this Greek fortune-seeker fortune teller has now hired controversial defense attorney Fernando Burlando. In case you don’t know him, let me introduce him to you:

Yes. That’s her defense attorney.

No, seriously.

Anyway, Burlando spoke on the radio yesterday and revealed his judicial strategy, which involves “going after the pilots for sexual abuse or sexual harassment” since Xipolitakis is the victim here.

I guess. And the passengers, maybe?

On Sunday, Burlando placed the entire blame on the pilots because “they are not normal people” (I guess he means they are not regular civilians but pilots).

The cockpit’s “sterile condition cannot be contaminated. And she’s not the one who can [contaminate it] but these two losers who call her in.”

According to Burlando, pilots hold “an almost supernatural power,” so it’s hard to resist them. “What Vicky did was terribly irresponsible but it happened because the law allows [pilots] to do whatever they want inside the plane.”

If you didn’t think the situation could get any more ridiculous, turns out that the pilots’ defense is going for the same strategy and is accusing Xipolitakis of sexually harassing them.

“If you look at the video, she’s the one harassing them,” said Gregorio Dalbón in while representing his clients. And he warns that the are still parts of the video that haven’t seen the light of day.

“There were more distractions while the plane was in the air. They were partying during the entire flight. It was a flight in which everyone seemed to be partying. All it was missing was a bartender serving champagne and the dancing,” he concluded.

I’m not sure his clients approved of that last statement.