Oh, Susana. Here we go again. The Argentine TV diva Susana Giménez is no stranger to foot-in-mouth disease. And boy did she have a doozy this weekend. Giménez invited actor-playboy-TV personality Matías Alé on her show Sunday to discuss his recent mental health crisis. Alé assured the host that he’s doing much better and blamed his highly publicized psychotic break a few months ago to his failure to take medication as prescribed. “I underestimated my mental health problem when I got better and stopped taking the pills,” Alé explained.

All fine and good, typical fare for a Sunday night on Susana’s couch. That is until Alé asked Susana for an evaluation: “How do you see me?”

“I think you look splendid,” Giménez answered. “I always thought you were lovely. You’re a good guy. A ladies’ man, but good. There’s nothing wrong with being a ladies’ man. There’s nothing wrong with it. You like women—it’d be worse if you liked men.”

She laughed, Alé laughed. But obviously the “joke” wasn’t funny to many people who took to social media to express their displeasure.

As unfortunate as they were, her latest comments hardly compare to the “joke” Susana made a few years ago when the diva said she’d rather be dead than a lesbian.

“That is so gross, please, I’d rather be dead,” she told comedian Antonio Gasalla who suggested she might turn to women after all her high-profile disappointments with men. “I couldn’t. It’s not for me!” After many complained, Giménez sort of, kind of apologized but insisted people “misunderstood” her and lamented that “soon no one will be able to speak because everyone gets offended.”

How about this: We’ll stop being offended if you stop making homophobic comments. Sound like a deal?