Photo via Clarín.

Union members working for Aerolíneas Argentinas will go on strike tomorrow, as they demand a 26 percent salary increase. the decision will affect some 30,000 people who were set to take both domestic and international flights with the airlines part of the Aerolíneas group, such as Austral (besides Aerolíneas Argentinas, of course.)

A spokesperson for the Union Superior and Professional Staff of Aero-Commerical Companies (UPSA) said that the unions have requested that wages be increased by 26%, but they would settle for an increase of anywhere between 24% and 25%. The airlines have not offered more than 20%, so after 60 days of negotiating, no agreements have been reached–other than the five unions agreeing to strike tomorrow.

Aerolíneas President Mario Dell’Acqua told Radio Mitre that the strike will not yield benefits for any of the parties involved.

“This is a strike that is not understood, where no one wins. It is a terrible cost. Everyone loses here.”

He also assured that the airlines have been doing everything in their power to provide accommodations and alternative routes for all of the passengers whose flights have been affected.

Dell’Acqua does not believe that the unions’ requests for higher wages are well-founded, and believes that the airline already accounts for inflation and adjusts wages accordingly.

“We have achieved a very good level of salary,” and the airline will “respect inflation to maintain the salary level.” But regardless of who is right – if anyone is – no one is flying with the airlines part of Aerolíneas group tomorrow.