Who needs the international King of Beef crown when you can claim to consume more cookies than any other place in the world?

That’s right. Argentines have a per capita intake of more than 12 to 13 kilos of cookies per year, with consumption “growing strongly” in the last 10 years. To put that easy-to-digest (har) terms, that’s at least 48 sleeves of Frutigran per person per year. Or, between 48 and 52 sleeves annually. And I used to think my average of one-pack-to-the-face every 1.5 weeks was excessive.


Why the penchant for cookies? As Minuto Uno explains:

Cookies in Argentina are widely consumed because they are considered as falling within a balanced diet; or rather because [here] they are considered a foodstuff where in other parts of the world they are ‘snacks’ eaten from time-to-time.

OK, so in other words, Cookie Monster consults the Argentine Health Ministry on dietary guidelines. Good to know. But if Argentines are eating unparalleled amounts of cookies, plus (still) more red meat than most cardiologists would consider healthy, how are they still so dang skinny? Must be lots of fernet to clean things out.

And to think this is all possible in a place where it is near impossible to find a decent fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie.*

(Photos via Formspring/CNBAForo.com.ar)

*Except for Sugar & Spice. Go there!