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Co-working spaces, along with the population of remote workers are booming right now in Buenos Aires. And whilst Buenos Aires has an excellent selection of bakeries and cafes to work from, you might be fed up with the usual wifi drop offs and socket shortages – I would be anyway. Maybe come 4 PM, your local becomes taken over by screaming kids and all you can do is sit there tutting, actually doing very little, if any work. *Eyes roll *.

Maybe your AirBnB isn’t much better either, distracting views along with a balcony that begs for just 30 minutes of sunbathing, are all not particularly conducive to a productive day at the home office.

Cue the rise of co – working spaces. Not quite as formal as an office, but with an infinitely more productive vibe than your apartment, a desk in a co-working space can be a good compromise. With perks such as free refreshments, networking opportunities as well as hang out spaces complete with ping pong, renting a desk there can feel like a good investment.

As you might imagine, Palermo screams digital nomad, and a hub of the co – working spaces can be found right there. But if your goal is to stay as far out of Palermo as possible (good for you, we applaud you) other spaces can be found in San Telmo along with the city center. (See the map at the bottom for exact locations.)

Pretty swish looking We Work in Retiro. Via We Work
Pretty swish looking We Work in Retiro. Via We Work


From AR $3200

One of the largest spaces on offer, WeWork occupies the whole 25 floor Torre Bellini, near Retiro station. You’ll get access to conference rooms, phone booths and high speed internet to be your most productive self. Once you’ve done a bit (hopefully lots) of work you can head to the meditation room, play ping pong, head to the rooftop grill or get some outdoor yoga done. With so many cool hang out spaces and interesting events happening, just be careful no to get too distracted.

Area Tres
Chill out and act like you're working on the terrace at Area Tres. Via envato
Chill out and act like you’re working on the terrace at Area Tres. Via envato

From AR $3500

An original co – working space here in Buenos Aires, Area Tres is well established. With around 650 remote workers from around the globe, there’ll be plenty of networking opportunities. As an environmentally sustainable space, they innovatively use rainwater, recycle batteries and composte. An inspiring programme of talks, on subjects like female entrepreneurship as well as creative mornings for those working in the creative industries are included within the price. Both Locations are in Palermo.

Urban Station
Nicer than your average office, for sure. Via Urban Station
Nicer than your average office, for sure. Via Urban Station


From AR $3300.

If you’re not planning on staying in Buenos Aires for that long, (or are just a commitment – phobe), flexible pay as you go with Urban station is the way forward. Simply turn up, take advantage of the free refreshments and manage your online empire. Pay on the way out, so no need for any subscription (if you prefer to be without). At AR $75 for an hour it’s fairly reasonable for a few hours of productivity. With locations in San Telmo, the city center, Pilar and Palermo, flexibility is what makes Urban Station appealing for those passing through.

La Maquinita
More of a warehouse feel than office. Via global coworking map
More of a warehouse feel than office. Via global coworking map


From AR $2600

Claiming to solve all problems of workspaces, so visitors’ only concern is running their business, La Maquinita is an appealing option. Exposed brick walls and lofty ceilings give the place an artsy, warehouse feel that definitely doesn’t read dreary office. Rent a desk, hot desk or even claim a whole office and behave like the creative nomad you are.

Work Inn
Drinks a 7, anyone? Via
Drinks at 7, anyone? Via


From AR $3500

If your goal is to be productive without all the additional unnecessary mod cons, Work Inn will give you a work orientated environment that will give you a distraction free, quiet space to get stuff done. Having said that, it does come with a terrace with a beautiful rooftop view, so things don’t get too serious. Located in the city center, you can feel like you’re off to work with the suited and booted masses. Prices per day also mean that conference and meeting rooms are perfect for scheduling a team meeting.

Manawa Creativo

AR $2100

Perfect for the creatives amongst you, Manawa has a casual laid back vibe where you’ll be sure to meet other like – minded nomads. The outdoor spaces along with hammocks give the place a relaxed feeling despite the productivity going on inside. Also if their videos are anything to go by, their after work parties look like something to look forward to.