Photo via Google StreetView

Around 9:30pm on Friday night, a 19-year-old girl suffered serious injuries after being thrown from a 16-foot-high pedestrian bridge on Avenida General Paz, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Liniers.

According to police statements, the victim was trying to escape the two thieves after a confrontation took place on the bridge, which ended with her being thrown over the railing. Before escaping, the assailants then robbed the unconscious girl of her mobile phone and other belongings.

The young girl was transferred to Santojanni Hospital in critical condition and remains in intensive care.

Police currently have two young men in custody in connection to the crime.

A neighbor who was victim to a similar assault which led to her moving from her original home which faced the bridge, told TN: “At night there’s no light and it’s no man’s land. The thieves hide on the steps so that when you go over [the bridge], they can mug you. That happened to me. And it was because of this that I moved.’