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Yesterday afternoon, a judge from Viedma, in Río Negro province, ordered the arrest of 33-year-old Alicia Mambreani, the woman who after saying she had been shot while walking by a beach in Mar del Plata, admitted that she and her 9-year old daughter had been attacked as a settling of scores with her partner, fugitive Iván Becerra, a former police officer from Río Negro.

The woman, held in custody since yesterday, is accused of lying in what appears to be an attempt to cover up her boyfriend’s actions.

Mambreani initially went to Hospital General de Agudos, saying she and her daughter had been shot in the legs by unknown passengers who shot at them from a moving van. A few hours later, investigators found out that she was lying thanks to the security cameras placed around where she claimed the attack had occurred.

In the afternoon, the police raided the apartment she was staying and found multiple 9mm bullet cases, similar in caliber to the ones used in the shooting.

Mambreani, in addition to the charges presented by Río Negro’s justice department, attorney Fernando Castro filed a case against her for lying in her first testimony.

Authorities are still unclear on the motivation and circumstances behind the incident and report that the investigation is still developing.