Photo via Clarin

LGBTI 1969 organization yesterday denounced that City Police officers beat and arrested María Solange Pérez for kissing her wife, Rocío Girat. According to the accusation, the officers called Gómez a “guy” and proceeded to slam her to the ground.

“Mariana was with her wife in the C line’s Constitución station in the city of Buenos Aires, kissing, when she was intercepted by police officers under the excuse that she was smoking a cigarette in an unauthorized sector. She was beat and detained, in a clear attack based on her sexual orientation,” reads the release published by the organization.

Gómez was taken to the City Police’s station located in the E line’s Boedo station, where she was accused of “resisting authority.” This caused for members of different human rights and LGBT organizations to gather outside the station to protest the detention. Gómez was finally released after 9 PM.