Many advocacy groups are claiming that the machismo that exists in and around Argentina is starting to yield rather toxic events. An incident in a Buenos Aires train yesterday would seem to support this theory.

In a particularly gruesome form of gender violence, a man was caught assaulting a young woman by masterbating and directing his ejactulate at her back. His attempts to flee, however, were countered by outraged passengers, who cornered and beat the assailant. The crowd grew violent enough that police intervention was necessary.

The incident took place at around four o’clock yesterday afternoon during rush-hour. According to witnesses the man had been repeatedly harassing the victim before he began to masturbate. Once the perpetrator’s egregious violation caught the attention of other passengers, he attempted to flee the scene.

Fellow passengers rallied to help catch the abuser, who witnesses described as ‘agitated and dishevelled.’ They successfully cornered him. The incident turn violent at a certain point with policemen having to intervene to separate the perpetrator from the crowd. The man was consequently arrested and taken into police custody, he is expected to stand trial and could face a jail sentence of up to four years.

Sadly this incident is not the first of its kind in Buenos Aires, as the same abuse took place on the SUBTE in October 2015. Legislators have considered creating women’s only carriages to reduce the occurrence of gender violence in the past, but the proposals were rejected.