Winter vacation is a time for food, family, fun, and, most importantly, rest. Soon, schools will close for the break, and adults will take those well-deserved vacations days off from work. One way to keep the kids from filling the streets is to keep them busy with traveling. Some of the key destinations within the country for this winter are Igauzú, Salta, Mendoza, and Bariloche. However, international reservations are gaining popularity among those vacationing as well.

This month could break records in Puerto Igauzú. Millions of people venture to the Falls and the triple border of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay every year. Recently, Misiones Online revealed that last year’s number of 600,000 patrons, recorded on July 12, 2016, has already been surpassed by 100,000 additional visitors on the same date this year. Due to last minute reservations and a number of people passing through the town, space is expected to be VERY limited.

As a result of increased discounts and incentives for trips to Bariloche, this traditional hotspot is also almost full to capacity. The peak months are July and August. Mendoza and Salta are getting in on the action too and have become top tourist attractions this season. Reports show vacancies to be fewer than would be expected for this time of year.

For the cultural experience, the clothes, or a home away from home, many Argentine travelers are looking to vacation in the United States, Mexico, Chile, or Brazil. While the best time to buy hotel and plane tickets was months ago, families are still finding travel openings every day.

A large majority of this families are flying to their destinations. Flash sales and hot deals that appear on Facebook group pages, internet forums, and outside travel agencies are selling out tickets for popular destinations. To combat potential financial loss, some airlines have increased their prices for the upcoming season after reviewing the flights that were taken last winter.

The take away here — if you’re looking to get out of town, you may be looking at a much higher price tag.