Local media is going nuts today over video that captured an aggressive man armed with a club attacking a group of celebrating students in Pilar.

The video shows how the man approached the students who were getting ready to go on their senior-year class trip and without saying a word, angrily hitting the drum of one of the teenagers and acting aggressively toward the group. The man was not arrested nor identified.

Senior-year students taking a march through Pilar that ends in a street party is a tradition for students of the Almafuerte school before heading off on their trip. The father of one of the students told TN that “the violence shown by this man was not at all justified.”

Despite this incident, the school reported that the students had been able to take transport for their graduation trip. One parent claimed that there were two police officers near the scene at the time who did not act. 

As shocking as the actions may seem, a person who witnessed the scene took to social media to say it was not what it looked like. The man who seems to come out of nowhere had asked the students to move as he had a sick relative in the car but was repeatedly ignored by the teenagers. “They threw foam over passing cars and blocked the streets, thinking that they can do whatever they want” she commented.