In August 2013, a man walked into a branch of a bank in downtown Mendoza and saw a female employee with a certain je ne sais quoi. He asked her to have coffee with him. Now, four years later, their romance is unraveling. Why? Even though the man in question told the employee that he was separated from his wife, he’s been married the entire whole time of the affair. Now the man’s wife must pay the employee AR $60,000 for emotional and “spiritual” damages.

Wait, what? Let’s get the story straight. (All parties request to remain unnamed for legal purposes.) The man’s wife didn’t live with him for a long time — she was in Spain at the beginning of his affair with the bank employee. The man decided it was OK, in this case, not to make the affair secret: the man even introduced the employee to his daughter and daughter-in-law, and offered to rent a property near the bank.

One day his wife returned from Spain, found out about the affair, and sent the employee 14 angry calls and text messages. When the employee didn’t return them, the wife went to the bank where she directly threatened the woman in front of her colleagues and customers.

“The lady wanted to let us know what kind of person we have working in the bank,” said the manager of the branch, referring to the wife. According to him, she also wanted the bank’s security cameras to reveal that the employee gave the man her phone number, to prove that she seduced him.

In court, the bank supported the employee, calling her an “excellent worker.” As a consequence of harassing the employee, Judge Rosana Alicia Moretti sentenced the wife to pay her husband’s mistress AR $60,000 in damages.

Did the man receive any punishments? Not according to the major outlets reporting on this story.