photo via Infobae

In light of today’s unexpected announcement that Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra is stepping down for personal reasons, Jorge Faurie, the country’s current Ambassador to France is set to take the reigns of Argentina’s chief diplomatic post.

Faurie is a career diplomat and lawyer who made headlines in late 2015 for being chosen by the Macri administration to take over for Maria del Carmen Squeff who had been placed in the position by former President Cristina Kirchner. This was an especially important posting at the time, as France’s then president Francois Hollande was due to make an official state visit to Argentina months after Faurie assumed the ambassadorship.

Prior to his posting in Paris, Faurie served as the Director of Protocol under President Menem and went on to become the Ambassador to Portugal.

He is respected in many diplomatic circles and is said to be a skilled and effective emissary, fluent in both English and French.

Skills that will surely come in handy as Argentina tries to negotiate the changing political landscape brought about by an increasingly defensive European Union, the United States turning inward for its trade needs more often than not, and Brazil reeling from the political reproductions of a massive corruption scandal.