Many locals were freaking out about this article published on The New York Times yesterday describing how Argentina, internationally known as “The Land of Beef” has been dethroned by our suspiciously quiet neighboring nation Uruguay.

Who’s to blame? Hippies, of course:

“The shift — reflected in a rising demand for foods like poultry, pasta and pizza; a greater awareness of the health risks associated with eating beef; and even the emergence of an insurgent vegetarian dining scene in Buenos Aires — does not sit well with some Argentines.”

Oh yeah, and the Government too:

“Beef prices have surged with inflation, but cattlemen contend that government price controls aimed at preventing domestic beef consumption from falling further have wreaked havoc by making it costly to maintain large herds. Others, eyeing China’s rising demand for grains over the last decade, say it is simply more profitable to farm soybeans than to raise cattle.”

Basically that’s all you need to know about why this country has fallen from grace. And regarding Uruguay, I believe it’s a little unfair to consider them the world’s top per capita consumer of beef. Sure, Argentines ate about 56.56 kilos a person last year versus the Uruguayans, who ate 58.2 kilos by comparison. But come on man, Uruguay has a population of twelve people and there are like five trillion cows there. Uruguay is overrun by cows. It’s like the Planet of the Apes, only with cows.

Give us a break.

(Story via New York Times, Photo via Wikipedia)