Brace yourselves, introverts: El Día del Amigo is upon us. That’s right — Argentina has a national holiday to celebrate friendship. Surprised? Don’t be. Argentines are all about closeness. In fact, they need less personal space than people in 42 other countries, according to a recent study in the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology. On July 20, Argentines will give extra besos to those they greet (cuidado, germophobes) and get extra cozy on the subte (sorry, claustrophobes). All in the holiday spirit.

The celebration began nearly fifty years ago as the brainchild of Enrique Ernesto Febbraro, an Argentine musician, dentist, and professor of psychology, philosophy, and history. On July 20, 1969, he listened on the radio as Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. Ernesto Febbraro perceived the event as a gesture of friendship from humanity to the universe. He told himself that “a town of friends would comprise an unbeatable nation. So here it is — the 20th of July is the chosen day for friendship!” He sent letters to over 100 countries to petition for the official holiday. Most of them now celebrate, though none more extravagantly than Argentina.

This year, there’s something for everyone.

Feeling haggard? If reifying gender roles doesn’t bother you, head with your pal to The Girly Market at Casona Humahuaca, a bar-meets-community center in Abasto. 500 pesos for you – and 300 for your chosen friend – will get you a smattering of locally-sourced clothes, cosmetics, vegan baked goods, and buena onda.

For all you device-savvy amigxs, Minicuotas Ribeiro is celebrating how we communicate via technology by offering two smartphones for almost the price of one on Thursday. #amigos #dale #vamos

Are you a foreigner trying to aprovechar your time in Buenos Aires? Head to the Thirsty Thursday Bar Crawl in Palermo, hosted by the International Student Network in partnership with BarCrawl BA. 50 pesos get you beer, shots, pizza, body paint, stickers, and a guaranteed good time at two bars and a club. What better way is there to build meaningful connections than by drinking excessively with people you just met?

The veterinarians at CrovaraVet in Zona Oeste know that El Día del Amigo isn’t just for humans. Like and share CrovaraVet’s Facebook page and upload a photo of you and your furry friend. The pet with the cutest photo will win a veterinary consultation, complete annual vaccination, collar, leash, flea and tick medication, and a bath and haircut. What are you waiting fur?

Festivities will continue into the weekend. In honor of the Día, Ciudad Cultural Konex is hosting Trasnoche Bomba on Saturday night. Tickets sell online for 130 pesos or at the door for 160. Musicians include Militantes Del Climax, ColoR, Eric Mandarina and Omar Gómez. ¡Bailen para la amistad!

If you don’t want to spend money, head to the park to have mate with your best mate. Forecasters expect the sun to shine on Thursday.

¡Qué disfruten amiguis!