Now that the weather is FINALLY starting to warm up, it’s time to get excited about transitioning your wardrobe from bulky winter bland to something entirely more spring. If you’re looking for some inspiration as you pull out your old summer threads, here’s a breakdown on which pieces, looks and trends you should keep an eye out for and which you should chuck out with that striped fedora you impulse purchased after day drinking in Recoleta.

What’s In
White on White

Last season was all about black and this season, all-white has taken center stage, from the LWD (the little white dress) to gleaming white kicks and variations on the classic white T. There’s something undeniably cool, calm and collected about dressing in head-to-toe white, plus it makes getting dressed in the morning much easier, sparing you from having to think about what color goes with what. This does however mean you have to be careful when eating or drinking anything… ever, particularly in a city where Malbec, chimichurri and meat grease flow freely (not to mention the rather menacing sidewalk tiles).

White on white (Falabella Fashion Editorial Show)
Falabella Fashion Editorial Show – BAF Week SS 2015
The Slip Dress

The slip dress (think bias cut with spaghetti straps) was a favorite in the ’90s and it’s made a massive comeback this spring. It’s floaty, feminine and lightweight, making it easy to throw on and look effortlessly chic. This season’s offerings are also voluminous and ankle-skimming, which helps hide a myriad of sins. It’s a chic way of buying ourselves some time to shed that cozy winter weight we’ve been trying to ignore. My advice — stick to a solid colored dress and pair with flat gladiator sandals and a denim jacket.

Slip dress (Allo Martinez)
Allo Martinez – BAF Week SS 2015
Sleeveless Blazers

The sleeveless jacket / blazer / vest is tricky to name but has popped up as THE spring must have. The idea of a jacket without sleeves may seem pointless but, if you think about it for any length of time, it’s actually very versatile. On warmer days, you can wear it with a sleeveless top and on cooler days, with a long-sleeved sweater or shirt. My top picks would be something short, suede and fringed for the day time and something slick, thigh-length and tailored for the evening.

Sleeveless blazer (Urenko)
Urenko – BAF Week SS 2015
70s chic

The flower-power, disco-loving era had a serious influence on designers this season. Pants are flared and wide legged, prints are bright and floral and tops are loose fitting and billowy with lace up or crocheted detail. But for all you skinny jean wearers, don’t fret, just because this cut of jeans is now trendy again, it doesn’t mean we have to completely abandon our trusty favorites.

70s hippy chic (Allo Martinez)
Allo Martinez – BAF Week SS 2015

Hallelujah, the flat shoe trend finally seems to be trickling into this city thanks to the likes of shoe designer-of-the-moment Vincent and their slipper shoes that are currently highly coveted by the fashion pack. Trendy sneakers, gladiator sandals and espadrilles are all so hot right now too.

Flats (Vincent)
Vincent leather and raffia flats



What’s OUT

While there was a time and a place for wearing neon in moderation in seasons past (beyond ’80s-themed parties and raves) this statement palette has been replaced by more wearable fruity shades of lemon, cherry and tangerine this season — much easier on the eyes.


In my opinion, those big, clumpy thick-soled shoes that every Porteña in the city loves to wear were never actually “in” but with the new influx of flats on the shelves this spring, I’m hoping that the creeper trend may finally be on its way out. Sure, creepers give you a little extra height but they also make you shuffle awkwardly when you walk. Not cute. If you want some height go for a more demure block heel.

Teeny Tiny Shorts

Sorry gents, all good things must come to an end and the women in teeny tiny shorts fad is over, at least in the fashion world. They’ve been replaced by more modest box shorts and fitted trouser shorts, which can work well for the office, the weekend and an evening out.

Denim Miniskirts

The abundance of floor-sweeping hemlines this season have cleared miniskirts off the store racks. I’m all for a cute miniskirt during the summer but let’s lose the jean miniskirt. This go-to summer staple that was so popular circa 2000 has gotten so old.

Denim miniskirt
Clashing Colors and Prints

It used to be a serious fashion faux pas to wear patterns and colors that didn’t match and then all of a sudden it became de rigueur to get clash happy and wear a bold mismatch of prints. Well, this trend has gone again and been replaced by color blocking that matches and the fail-safe black and white combo.

clashing prints and colours

Now that you’re well on your way to having your spring and summer wardrobe sorted out, it’s time to start planning those summertime roof top fiestas – because summer is far too short to waste on bad clothes or bland cocktails.