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Ciudad Cultural Konex is always on our mind as one of Buenos Aires’ best hotspots. An old oil plant and storehouse located in the Abasto neighborhood, the cultural center is a unique space for the alternative arts.

It goes without saying that I think we’ve all been to Konex’s much loved La Bomba del Tiempo by now. If not, I hate to break it to you, but you are really a little behind.

If you don’t know what we’re on about, it’s a weekly live drumming party which is open air, and feels more like a street fest than a ticketed event. It’s been going for twelve years and it’s very popular with both locals and travelers. Buy the tickets, and go next Monday.

Great. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on.

With La Bomba being their most well-known and popular event, it’s easy to sidestep the other things taking place at the Konex, which you definitely shouldn’t do. Here’s what’s coming this March and beyond.

Por Las Mujeres

Kicking off the Konex’s new March program is NGO ACNUR’s festival, ‘Por las mujeres refugiadas’ (For the female refugees). With the event being all about allowing visitors to visualize what refugees have to face, both within Argentina and worldwide, a particular focus will be given to the vulnerable situations in which women find themselves.

There will be live music and visual arts installations, as well as a food fair showcasing meals and produce from those countries where participating refugees come from.

Thursday 8th March | 18.00 | Free entrance 

 Club 3131

After amazing popularity during all of its January and February Wednesdays, Konex’s answer to balmy evenings that beg to be spent outside is back for a few dates this March, before we all start to officially say Autumn’s here. Expect food trucks, ping pong tournaments, and live music. If you ask us, it seems like a great way to get over hump day.

(Photo via Clarín)
(Photo via Clarín)


Wednesdays 7, 14, 21 March | 19.00 | AR $100 (includes a drink)

Circo del Horror

A circus show with a twist, Circo del Horror claims itself to be a real life freak show. If you’ve ever felt intrigued by what that actually means, now’s your chance to take a look. An extreme show that’s probably not for the squeamish, Circo del Horror demonstrates jaw dropping stunts and tricks that will make you stop and think for the lives of the performers.

(Photo via No Son Horas)
(Photo via No Son Horas)


Friday March 16 | 19.00 | AR $ 220 – 300 

Dancing Mood 

Good vibes band Dancing Mood says adiós to the summer with two final dates in March. The band’s distinct jazzy reggae vibes sets it apart from most, so head over to celebrate your survival of summer and enjoy a few more evenings spent out in the open air.

(Photo via Youtube)
(Photo via Youtube)


Saturday March 17 | Friday March 23 | Doors 19.00 | AR $ 180 – 250 

Onda Vaga 

Argentine alternative rock band and summer favorite Onda Vaga returns for one more gig at the Konex. Soft guitar strumming and trumpet tooting characterize the easy listening vibes of Onda Vaga. Don’t miss this last chance to revel in Argentina’s answer to summer indie tunes.

Sunday March 18 | Doors 19.00 | AR $250 – 350 

Salir de La Caverna

If you’re more in the mood for a philosophical debate than dance party, philosopher Darío Sztajnszrajber will be offering an ideas session on how we know for sure what’s real and what’s just apparent. During all of the deep thinking, the philosopher (I’m not retyping that last name) will reflect and discuss the audience’s opinions. Rock singer Lucrecia Pinto will also intervene, singing a few snazzy tunes. Rock music and philosophy underneath the stars? Sounds like a perfect combo to us.


Wednesday March 28 | Doors 19.00 | AR $250 – 300

To see Konex’s full schedule and make reservations, visit their site.